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Ahn Eun-Jin is a well-known actress from South Korea. She debuted less than a decade ago and has made a name for herself through her talent and skills. 

She has not only won hearts through her acting but also her innocent beauty. Eun has worked with many famous actors and actresses such as Namkoong Min, Yoo In-Soo, and Lee Se-Young.

Eun-Jin has won many awards for various roles and has many musical performances over the years. 

Ahn Eun-Jin Biography

Ahn Eun-Jin Biography

Date of BirthMay 6, 1991
Age33 years old (as of 2024)
Height1.68m (5’5ft)
Net Worth$2 million
HometownSeoul, South Korea
NationalitySouth Korean


Ahn Eun-Jin Education

Eun-Jin is not just a woman with beauty. After her high school education from Jinseon High School near where she grew up, she chose to pursue higher studies at the Korea National University Of Arts. She had developed a passion for performance arts and acting by this point in her life and her educational journey helped her a lot in her profession later on. 

Physical Appearance

Ahn Eun-Jin Physical Appearance

This charming woman has a very unconventional look. She stands 5’5 feet tall and has maintained her weight around 43 kg. Ahn’s naturally plump lips make her much more attractive.

She has clear skin and a cute button nose making her look childlike and innocent. 

She continues to win millions of hearts through her looks and the different characters she plays. 


Ahn Eun-Jin Career

Ahn’s journey began in 2012 when she appeared in a musical. She was still a student at the time and took part in small musicals from time to time. Eun-Jin performed in a play for the 20th anniversary of the Chaimu Troup which she considers a turning point in her career. 

The praise she received made it clear that she was made to enter the acting field. 

After a few years of being in different musicals, she finally signed with an agency in 2018 and seriously started auditioning for roles. 

Her small-screen debut was with the television series called Life

Her most prominent role after that was in the famous series Hospital Playlist.

Ahn’s bo screen debut came with the film, The Night Owl. She was nominated as the best supporting actress for her role in the film.

The year 2023 brought more fame and success for the actress as she appeared in the well-known series The Good Bad Mom and My Dearest. 

Fans appreciated her acting and wish to see more of us. 

Television Series

Ahn Eun-Jin Television Series

  • Life – 2018
  • The Crowned Clown – 2019
  • Possessed – 2019
  • My Fellow Citizens! – 2019
  • Diary Of A Prosecutor – 2019
  • More Than Friends – 2020
  • Dark Hole – 2021
  • The One And Only – 2021
  • The Good Bad Mother – 2023
  • My Dearest – 2023


  • The Night Owl – 2022
  • Citizens Of A Kind – 2024

Web Series

  • Kingdom – 2019
  • The Witch’s Dinner – 2021

Net Worth

Ahn Eun-Jin Net Worth

Eun-Jin has been a part of the small screen for only a few years and she started getting cast in the major role in 2022. Most of her career has musicals in it. That being said, Ahn is making her way up the ladder very quickly. Her net worth as estimated by many sources in 2024 is nearing $2 million and it is expected to rise more with each passing year. 

She has entered a new era of her career in 2023 and there is no stopping her. 

Family And Relationship

Ahn Eun-Jin Family And Relationship

Ahn comes from a family of four. Besides her parents, she is an elder sister to a young and charming man. Her family does not belong to the South Korean Industry but she has their support all through her journey. 

Eun-Jin has been single for as long as we know. Last year rumors of her dating Naamkoong Min were circling the internet. Both the actors came forward and clarified that there is no such relation between them as Namkoong is already married and faithful to his wife. 

Social Media 

Ahn Eun-Jin Social Media

The beautiful Eun-Jin is rapidly getting famous on social media trhough her official Instagaram account. 

She as made more than 150 posts and has 1.3 million followers at th moment. New fans find her account everyday and her follower count is on the rise like her popularity. 

Social Media Handles


Ahn Eun-Jin Hobbies

Ahn is a millennial and has hobbies that most of that generation people have. She likes to socialize with people and go on relaxing getaways

She maintains her beauty by working out regularly, walking, and keeping her diet clean

Eun-Jin has a super impressive skin texture which she has achieved through a proper skincare routine

Some Interesting Facts

Ahn Eun-Jin Some Interesting Facts

  • Ahn has won 5 awards in total as of 2024.
  • Her theatre career is very impressive and she has worked in many stage plays in the 2010s. 
  • She is to appear in a new web series called Goodbye Earth this year.
  • She has a close bond with the co-star ladies from the drama My Dearest and has posted pictures together as well. 

Did Ahn Eun-Jin get any surgeries?

No, despite her mother pressuring her, she has never gotten any surgeries.

Who is Eun-Jin dating in 2024?

She is single as of 2024 and has not dated anyone for now.

how old is she?

Ahn will turn 33 years old in 2024.

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