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Welcome to RisingTales!

I am Ayesha Khalid, a passionate and curious writer who is always in search of uniqueness and versatility. A writer by day and a reader by night, I love to depict the personalities of the contemporary era through my words. With strong passion, I continue to look behind the bars and describe my ideas in my writings.

Ayesha Khalid

My blog “The RisingTales” is dedicated to providing you with all the important information about the rising Tiktok Stars and celebrities from all around the World. In this blog, I have depicted the life stories and biographies of people who are building their careers on social media and shining as rising stars. I always believe in authenticity and research. Therefore, the information provided on my blog is not only authentic but also well-researched and relevant with a touch of versatility.

This blog has information about not only the TikTok stars but also the celebrities in the entertainment industry. So whether you are a die heart fan of Tiktok stars or the celebrities of the drama and film industry, I have something for everyone.

Ayesha Khalid RisingTales

My main objective is to update you about your favourite Stars and their life happenings so that you would not miss a single stance. I work tirelessly to bring in-depth knowledge in an easy and concise manner. If you are curious to know about anything of your favourite star then Risingtales has everything there for your curiosity.